ARC Review – Jane’s Harmony by Ryan Winfield


Atria Books |  352 pages | ISBN 9781476771250 | August 2014

RELEASE DATE: August 5th


Starting over is hard to do. 

That’s what forty-year-old Jane McKinney learns when she quits her job, sells her home, and leaves Seattle behind to start a new life and pursue the man she loves in Austin.  After the death of her daughter, Melody, Jane never thought she would find happiness again — until she met Caleb Cummings.  Sensitive, loving, and mature beyond his years, Caleb is a handsome young musician struggling to make ends meet.  But when his fortunes take an unexpected and drastic turn for the better, Jane is left wondering where exactly she fits in.

Can you ever leave the past behind?  Jane must now decide if she really is willing to commit to a new beginning with Caleb — or if some wounds are just too deep to ever truly mend.



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Patricia’s Review

Jane’s Harmony picks up where Jane’s Melody left off with Caleb and Jane adjusting to the Austin life together. While Caleb was content having Jane back in his life, Jane struggled with the cramped space of the tiny apartment, thin walls, and the constant lights and music of Austin nightlife. But Caleb was determined not to let anything get in the way of his and Jane’s happiness. When an unexpected opportunity with the power to change everything for Caleb and Jane presents itself, the newly rediscovered happiness hits a bump in the road. Their relationship will be tested by time constraints, distance, some unwanted attention and an overwhelming surprise. When push comes to shove, each must decide whether they are strong enough to face whatever may come their way together.

I was so thrilled to spend more time with Caleb and Jane. At the end of Jane’s Harmony, I felt like there was more to their story and I am grateful Ryan felt the same way. It was good to see these two reunite and overcome some of the normal obstacles of a new/budding relationship. I enjoyed watching their story unfold taking twists and turns that had me laughing at one moment and holding my breath the next.

Caleb seemed more content with his life since he moved to Austin. He worked hard at his day job and even harder on his music. But he never made Jane feel second to any of those things and I fell even more in love with him and his thoughtful gestures and tender ways. He never missed an opportunity to observe others and find the next inspiration for his music. But he remained humbled and grounded, always mindful of where he had come from, where he wanted to be and the woman who owned his heart.

Jane seemed to come alive in her new surroundings. She grappled with her insecurities about where she was in her life, but I suppose those kind of drastic life changes make you vulnerable to doubt. I loved seeing her personality take flight and I laughed out loud on more than one occasion thanks to Jane. The uniform blunder was priceless, never mind the coffee grounds. I admired how supportive she was of Caleb and never wavered in showing him with her actions just how much she believed in him.

The dual POV added depth to the characters and allowed for a well-rounded reading experience. The angst was minimal save one very intense section that had me holding my breath. There was just the right mix of sweet, sexy, funny and drama to keep me engaged throughout the story. I love the realistic ending…a humble ending that seemed fitting for Caleb. My only hitch is that I felt there was unresolved family matters. Otherwise, I loved this story and am sad to say good-bye.

Overall Rating: 4.5 -5 Stars

I was provided a complimentary copy from the published in exchange for an honest review.

Jane’s Melody – Book #1



Atria Books |  336 pages | ebook ISBN 9781476771243 | October 2013


What boundaries would you cross for true love?

That’s the question a grieving mother must answer when she takes in a young street musician she believes can shed light on her daughter’s death—only to find herself falling for him. A sexy but touching love story that will leave you both tantalized and in tears, Jane’s Melody follows a forty-year-old woman on a romantic journey of rediscovery after years of struggling alone.

Sometimes our greatest gifts come from our greatest pain. And now Jane must decide if it’s too late for her to start over, or if true love really knows no limits



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About The Author


Ryan Winfield is the New York Times bestselling author of Jane’s Melody, South of Bixby Bridge, and The Park Service trilogy.  He lives in Seattle.

Connect with Ryan: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram