RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW – Royally Matched by Emma Chase

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Some men are born responsible, some men have responsibility thrust upon them. Henry Charles Albert Edgar Pembrook, Prince of Wessco, just got the motherlode of all responsibility dumped in his regal lap.

He’s not handling it well.

Hoping to force her grandson to rise to the occasion, Queen Lenora goes on a much-needed safari holiday—and when the Queen’s away, the Prince will play. After a chance meeting with an American television producer, Henry finally makes a decision all on his own:

Welcome to Matched: Royal Edition.

A reality TV dating game show featuring twenty of the world’s most beautiful blue bloods gathered in the same castle. Only one will win the diamond tiara, only one will capture the handsome prince’s heart.

While Henry revels in the sexy, raunchy antics of the contestants as they fight, literally, for his affection, it’s the quiet, bespectacled girl in the corner—with the voice of an angel and a body that would tempt a saint—who catches his eye.

The more Henry gets to know Sarah Mirabelle Zinnia Von Titebottum, the more enamored he becomes of her simple beauty, her strength, her kind spirit…and her naughty sense of humor.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day—and irresponsible royals aren’t reformed overnight.

As he endeavors to right his wrongs, old words take on whole new meanings for the dashing Prince. Words like, Duty, Honor and most of all—Love.

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Charming and highly entertaining, Royally Matched is the kind of fun story that I’ve come to love from Emma Chase.

Henry was a regular charmer and stereotypical “royal behaving badly” but not in the way I was expecting. His royal shenanigans were equally refreshing and amusing. Though his carefree spirit was glorious to behold, it was his genuine heart that ultimately made me fall in love with him.

Sarah was exactly the kind of smart, witty and stubborn girl that Henry needed in his life. She offered him shelter from the storm while maintaining her self-preservation mindset, something that was frustrating for Henry but created a unique chemistry between the two. It was a delight to watch them fight and subsequently fail at keeping the other at arms-length.

There was no shortage of drama in the midst of this reality based story between all the royal secrets, deceit and manipulation. Chase did an exceptional job of bringing this concept alive within the pages and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  This is the second book in the Royally series and I am looking forward to Royally Endowed, scheduled to release in June 2017. While this could be read as a standalone, it’s best enjoyed after Royally Screwed.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

I was provided a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

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SPOTLIGHT REVIEW – Royal Scandal (Royals in Exile #1) by Marquita Valentine

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Fairy tales do come true—and so do tabloid scandals! Bestselling author Marquita Valentine kicks off a juicy contemporary romance series with a novel about a prince whose best-laid plans go deliciously awry when he marries the maid next door.

Forced to flee to the United States with his siblings after their parents’ assassination, Crown Prince Colin Sinclair takes it upon himself to become the caretaker of his family while hiding out near Charlotte, North Carolina. But after a decade in hiding, the secret’s out and Parliament demands that Colin wed a princess of their choosing. Unwilling to play their game, Colin decides to marry an American instead, and he has the perfect candidate in mind.

As a home-service professional, Della Hughes doesn’t believe in storybook endings. But when her best friend and secret crush reveals that he’s a flesh-and-blood prince, she doesn’t know what to think. Still, she’ll do anything for Colin, including becoming his wife—in name only, of course. But when their plans to stay purely platonic go by the wayside, their fake honeymoon turns all too real. After a week of white-hot nights, Della can no longer deny her feelings—not with a happily ever after so tantalizingly close.

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While my inner little girl still dreams about princesses and princes, my adult self gravitates towards drama – especially when that drama involves scandals and royals behaving badly. I am pleased to report this was everything and nothing I expected simultaneously and I rather enjoyed it all.

I adored Della and Colin. Della was a tell-it-like-it-is spitfire. Her wit and charisma were entertaining while her backstory kept her humble.  Colin was a charming and complex man. He did not let the secrets he carried deter him from his sense of obligation to family and country. Colin was a little rough around the edges but it was easy to see how Della would fall victim to his charm.

While the decade long friendship of the two would provide a means to resolve a political quandary, neither fathomed the depth of their connection. “In name only” was suddenly a burden with benefits that neither was properly equipped to handle. Lines were crossed, emotions ran deep, and hearts were on fire.

This was quite the entertaining read and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters. While this is book 1 of a series, it could be read as a standalone. I, however, am anxiously awaiting the next installment, Royal Affair, slated to release March 2017.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

*I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Marquita Valentine is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Holland Springs and Boys of the South series.

Since first taking the plunge in July of 2012 to self publish, Marquita Valentine has appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling Ebooks Lists on iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes&Noble. She’s been called “one of the best new voices in romance” (Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews) and her books have been accused of being “a sexy, fun, and slightly addicting contemporary read” (The Book Queen).

When she’s not writing sexy heroes who adore their sassy heroines, she enjoys shopping, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. Married to her high school sweetheart, Marquita lives in a seriously small town in the south with her husband, two kids, and a dog.

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SPOTLIGHT REVIEW – Good Boy (WAGs #1) by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy


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Hosting her brother’s wedding for an MVP guest list is the challenge of Jess Canning’s life. Already the family screw-up, she can’t afford to fail. And nobody (nobody!) can learn of the colossal mistake she made with the best man during a weak moment last spring. It was wrong, and there will not be a repeat. Absolutely not. Even if he is the sexiest thing on two legs.

Blake Riley sees the wedding as fate’s gift to him. Jess is the maid of honor and he’s the best man? Let the games begin. So what if he’s facing a little (fine, a lot) of resistance? He just needs to convince the stubborn blonde that he’s really a good boy with a bad rap. Luckily, every professional hockey player knows that you’ve got to make an effort if you want to score.

But Jess has more pressing issues to deal with than sexy-times with a giant man-child. Such as: Will the ceremony start on time, even though someone got grandma drunk? Does glitter ever belong at a wedding? And is it wrong to murder the best man?

Caution: May cause accidental aspiration of tea or coffee. Do not read in a public place where loud laughter is inappropriate. Contains hot but hilarious hockey players, puppy cuddling and a snarky pair of underwear.

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Good Boy possesses just the right concoction of wit, drama and romance to provide a light-hearted and entertaining story.

I love the men Bowen and Kennedy create together. Blake had his own special blend of charm that made him completely irresistible. He was like a bull in a china closet at times with his take charge attitude and determination. But beneath that tough exterior was a swoon-worthy, gentle spirit with a heart of gold. I admired Blake for his tenacity and the patience he demonstrated time and again.

Jess was a frustrating character. Her insecurities and reserved nature made her difficult to connect with at times. She definitely tested Blake’s patience (and mine) which provided for some rather entertaining moments. In the end, I was pleased with her character development.

Overall, this was a cute story and I adored getting to catch up with Wes and Jamie. There were a few eye-rolls over excessive talk about size but I thoroughly enjoyed the chase. I am looking forward to the next installment in the WAGs series, Stay, which is slated to release in June.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

*I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Sarina Bowen is the USA Today bestselling author of steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction. She lives in the wilds of New England. Sarina enjoys skiing, espresso drinks and the occasional margarita. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.

She is the author of The Ivy Years, an award-winning series set amid the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college. Also, the The Gravity series. With Elle Kennedy, Sarina is the author of the RITA award winning HIM, and its sequel, US. Sarina has begun a new Vermont contemporary romance series, True North. She’s also unrolled new hockey novels from Penguin Berkley including Rookie Move. 

To be kept abreast of new releases, please sign up for the mailing list at Or visit the her Facebook page, or tweet her @sarinabowen.

Elle Kennedy is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.

Elle currently writes for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

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SPOTLIGHT REVIEW – Yours to Bare by Jessica Hawkins

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Yours To Bare by Jessica Hawkins

Released: December 8, 2016



No matter how cruel it’s been in the past, I’ve never been able to flip fate the bird. I’m a romantic at heart. So when fate drops a leather-bound journal at my feet, I know I should walk away.

I don’t. I pick her up, bend her spine, spread her pages. From the first word, I’m a goner. The owner didn’t give me access to her most intimate desires, but I devour them anyway. Her private darkness, her candid, explicit poetry—it all goes down like warm milk. And from that point forward, I drink, eat, and sleep her.


I went to his apartment and let him take my picture. Just once, to see how it would feel. I’m not his to look at, to inspire, to touch, but when he watches me through his lens, it gives me a high I don’t want to come down from…

My journal is the one place I can be myself—as long as I can tie it up and put it away when I’m finished. But when Finn undoes the bow, he pulls strings that could unravel each of us.

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Patricia’s Review

In her signature sultry narrative, Hawkins delivered an unforgettable tale of two beautifully broken souls destined by fate. It was an intoxicating experience that my inner voyeur devoured. The dual POV ensured an almost constant state of arousal, teetering on the precipice of wanting and being wanted. But beneath the seduction and desire was a raw and gripping tale of the search for unconditional love.

Hawkins does an exceptional job of evoking emotion with her stories. It was heartbreaking and frustrating to see how the people in their respective lives treated them and I was desperate for Finn and Halston to find serenity amidst the chaos of their complicated lives. Hawkins definitely put my heart through the wringer (not surprisingly) and I loved every blessed minute.

The imagery was on point providing a clear visual of the scenes as they unfolded. It felt as if I was right there in the room with Finn and Halston. The storyline was captivating and the pace kept me engaged from beginning to end. Hawkins is an extremely gifted storyteller and I am in awe of the magical experience she provides time and again.

I’ve been sitting on this review for a few weeks because it just did not feel finished. So I spent some time reading my highlights which lead to a mini reread and it turns out that it was just my hangover stalling me. Alas, I think I am finally ready to move forward. Yours to Bare was everything I hoped it would be and more.  There will definitely be a full reread in my near future.

Overall Rating: 5 Steamy Stars

*I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

**Note to Reader – while Yours to Bare can be read as a standalone, I HIGHLY recommend you read Slip of the Tongue first.

Connect with Jessica Hawkins

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RELEASE BLITZ, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY – Black Widow by Jenni Moen




“I bet I could make you fall in love in a week.” The offer seals Scott Russell’s fate.

After a bitter betrayal and an ugly divorce, the detective is forced to make a fresh start. His new position in a quiet suburb should be a walk in the park compared to his years in Chicago. However, he quickly learns that small towns come with their own issues, with citizens who are slow to forgive and even slower to forget.

The town’s wealthy and reclusive author is a mystery to most. To Scott, she’s just another nameless girl on the train. With a reserved smile and shoes worth more than a month’s rent, his only concern is she might be out of his league.

“I can give you seven days, but not my heart.” The acceptance is one more in a string of lies.

Celeste Smythe doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Relationships take time and sometimes even that isn’t enough. Not with the secrets she harbors in her guarded heart. Yet fate keeps pushing her toward the handsome and absurdly persistent man, and resisting may be more than she can endure, no matter the risks.

When the week is over, Scott may think he knows her. Celeste may know she loves him. But when the truth is revealed about the town’s most talked about citizen, he may discover he’s put more than his heart on the line.

Black Widow is Book One in the Black Widow Series. Each book in the three book series will release approximately 3-4 months apart.



Patricia’s Review

Moen has once again captivated me with a storyline that is riveting, intense and mysterious. Black Widow is equal parts intriguing and daunting with its complex characters, suspect scenarios and just enough uncertainty to have you doubting everyone and everything you think you know.

There was notable chemistry between Scott and Celeste but the secrets, lies and omissions that unfolded through the dual point of view had me on the edge of my seat and anxious for what would come next. I had about three theories going into that final chapter but certain new information has conjured up ideas and has my mind reeling with the possibilities of how this is going to play out. I am impatiently waiting to get my hands on the next book and certain my theories will grow exponentially in the mean time.

Overall Rating: 4 STARS

*I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Jenni Moen lives in her hometown in Oklahoma with her husband and three crazy, exuberant kids who have the potential to burn the house down at any moment.

When she’s not chauffeuring kids around town, performing her mom duties as a short order cook and maid, or vacuuming for her fastidious husband, she hammers away at her keyboard. Sometimes that means she’s up to no good. But every now and then a new book is born.



SPOTLIGHT REVIEW & EXCERPT – Royally Screwed (Royally #1) by Emma Chase



ALP Synopsis1

Emma Chase, New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled Series & Legal Briefs Series, returns with the first of three sizzling standalone books about a family of racy, irresistible Royals.

Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, aka “His Royal Hotness,” is wickedly charming, devastatingly handsome, and unabashedly arrogant―hard not to be when people are constantly bowing down to you.
Then, one snowy night in Manhattan, the prince meets a dark haired beauty who doesn’t bow down. Instead, she throws a pie in his face.
Nicholas wants to find out if she tastes as good as her pie, and this heir apparent is used to getting what he wants.

Dating a prince isn’t what waitress Olivia Hammond ever imagined it would be.
There’s a disapproving queen, a wildly inappropriate spare heir, relentless paparazzi, and brutal public scrutiny. While they’ve traded in horse drawn carriages for Rolls Royces and haven’t chopped anyone’s head off lately―the royals are far from accepting of this commoner.
But to Olivia―Nicholas is worth it.

Nicholas grew up with the whole world watching, and now Marriage Watch is in full force. In the end, Nicholas has to decide who he is and, more importantly, who he wants to be: a King… or the man who gets to love Olivia forever.

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She’s even lovelier than I remembered, than I dreamed. Delicate midnight tendrils frame a face that belongs in a museum—with stunning dark sapphire eyes that should be commemorated in vibrant oils and soft watercolors. If Helen launched a thousand ships, this girl could raise a thousand hard-ons.

She’s prettily made, the top of her head coming only to my chin, but fantastically curvy. Great full tits that strain the buttons of a wrinkled white blouse, shapely hips in a black skirt tapering to a tiny waist I could wrap my hands around and toned legs encased in sheer black tights finish off the whole package very nicely.

An unfamiliar anxiousness fizzes like soda in my gut.

“The door was open,” I explain.

“It’s broken.”

Logan flicks at the lock. Security is his life, so a broken lock would annoy him like a puzzle with the final piece missing.

“What do you want?”

She has no idea who I am. It’s in the defensive way she holds herself and the accusatory note in her voice. Some women try to pretend they don’t recognize me, but I can always tell. Her ignorance is rather…thrilling. There are no expectations, no hidden agendas, no reasons to pretend—what she sees is what she gets. And all she sees is me.

My throat is suddenly a barren wasteland. I swallow, but it’s difficult.

“Well, he’s desperate for some pie.” I hook my thumb at Simon. “And I…wanted to apologize for the other evening. I don’t normally act that way. I was on a bit of bender…”

“In my experience, people don’t do things when they’re drunk that they wouldn’t do normally.”

“No, you’re right. I would’ve thought all those things, but I never would’ve said them out loud.” I move closer, slowly. “And if I’d been sober…my opening bid would’ve been much higher.”

“She crosses her arms. “Are you trying to be cute?”

“No. I don’t have to try…it just sort of happens.”

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Royally Screwed is a modern day fairytale with charming characters and witty banter in true Emma fashion. The story will sweep you off your feet but the scandals and atrocious behavior of the royal court will have you shaking your head and laughing out loud. This was such a fun story and yet the love story was nothing short of magical.

There were some big shoes given my love for Emma’s other men, but I think Nicholas did an excellent job of wooing and winning me over. I had my doubts for sure given his complete disregard for social norms where commoners are concerned. It was humorous to watch him speak candidly and somewhat condescendingly as the Crowned Prince of Wessco and equally amusing to see Olivia fuming over his barbaric remarks and promptly put him in his place. Their banter was entertaining and I loved every minute!

This was the perfect read for my otherwise hectic daily life and I enjoyed the escape into the land of princes and princesses much like my childhood days. I loved this story and I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series.

Overall Rating: 5 Magical Stars

*I was provided a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.

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SPOTLIGHT REVIEW – Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci


Gallery Books | 336 pages | ISBN 9781501117633

Release Date: September 13, 2016

More Info HEREALP Synopsis1

Avery Bardot steps off the plane in Rome, looking for a fresh start. She’s left behind a soon-to-be ex-husband in Boston and plans to spend the summer with her best friend Daisy, licking her wounds—and perhaps a gelato or two. But when her American-expat friend throws her a welcome party on her first night, Avery’s thrown for a loop when she sees a man she never thought she’d see again: Italian architect Marcello Bianchi.

Marcello was the man—the one who got away. And now her past is colliding with her present, a present where she should be mourning the loss of her marriage and—hey, that fettuccine is delicious! And so is Marcello…

Slipping easily into the good life of summertime in Rome, Avery spends her days exploring a city that makes art historians swoon, and her nights swooning over her unexpected what was old is new again romance. It’s heady, it’s fevered, it’s wanton, and it’s crazy. But could this really be her new life? Or is it just a temporary reprieve before returning to the land of twin-set cardigans and crustless sandwiches?

A celebration of great friendship, passionate romance, and wonderful food, Roman Crazy is a lighthearted story of second chances and living life to the fullest.

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A charming story of second chances, both at life and love, where passion runs wild and caution is thrown to the wind.

Roman Crazy was such a fun story with the perfect balance of drama, humor, and romance. I adored Avery and Daisy.  It was endearing to see Avery’s journey of self-discovery amidst Daisy’s carefree spirit and encouraging hands. I applaud the authors for giving us two strong female characters with a friendship that was entertaining and enviable.

Now let’s take a moment to appreciate the fine specimen that is Marcello Bianchi…mi amore. Maybe it’s cliché but Marcello was everything I expected of an Italian hero and I loved him. He exuded passion, exemplified love of country and family, appreciated life and adored Avery. What more could you want from the hero in a romance? I say don’t mess with the perfection of Marcello.

Clayton and Bocci moved Rome to the top of my bucket list with the vivid setting full of enchanting imagery, picturesque scenes, romantic ambiance, and lavish cuisine. There was no shortage of details to give the reader the full experience, although there were a few times I wanted less setting and more Marcello.

I thoroughly enjoyed the debut from this writing duo and I am looking forward to what comes next in the Broads Abroad Series.

Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

*I was provided a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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nb-profileNina Bocci is a novelist, publicist, eternal optimist, unabashed lipgloss enthusiast, constant apologist and a hopeless romanticist. She has too many college degrees that she’s not using and a Lego addiction that she blames on her son.

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ac-profileALICE CLAYTON worked in the cosmetics industry for over a decade before picking up a pen (read laptop).
She enjoys gardening but not weeding, baking but not cleaning up, and finally convinced her long-time boyfriend to marry her.
Now, about that Bernese Mountain dog.

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RELEASE DAY PROMO & ARC REVIEW – The Sapphire Heist (Jewel #2) by Lauren Blakely


ALP Synopsis1

Keep your lover close and your enemy closer…

After giving in to a fiery night of passion, island adventurer Steph Anderson and bounty hunter Jake Harlowe are back to square one. With millions in stolen jewels at stake, it’s hard for Steph not to question her new partner’s true motives—no matter how sexy he might be. Jake is hungry for more of Steph, but he can sense her growing mistrust, which only fuels his own doubts. Worse, there’s undeniable evidence that someone else is now after the jewels—and that they are both in real danger.

Fighting against their magnetic attraction is a distraction these two can’t afford. In order to survive, they’ll have to pull off one more heist—and trust each other with something even more precious than jewels: their hearts.

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The scandal, suspense and steamy chemistry continue in this follow up to the The Sapphire Affair. Things definitely heated up as Steph and Jake navigated their ever increasing feelings further complicated by their respective relationship histories.  Trust was not something that came easy to either one and that exacerbated an already intense situation as they raced to solve the mystery. 

I loved seeing Steph and Jake succumb without reservation. It was sweet bliss to see them uninhibited and unencumbered – plus it was HOT – something Blakely does well with her stories! I once again hung on every word and my mind raced as the story unfolded. I am pleased to report my suspicions were almost correct…almost…but no spoilers from me. The story took plenty of twists to keep me turning the pages and anxious for the conclusion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this new series and I am hopeful that little tid-bit in the end means there is more to come from Steph and Jake.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

I was provided a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion.

ALPOwl Series

SA Cover

Patricia’s Review: HERE

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Since self-publishing her debut romance novel CAUGHT UP IN US three years ago, Lauren Blakely has sold more than 1 million books. She is known for her sexy contemporary romance style that’s full of heat, heart and humor.

A devout fan of cake and canines, Lauren has plotted entire novels while walking her four-legged friends. She lives in California with her family. With ten New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than forty times.

Her bestselling series include Sinful Nights, Seductive Nights, No Regrets, Caught Up in Love, and Fighting Fire as well as standalone romantic comedies like BIG ROCK and MISTER O, which were both instant New York Times Bestsellers.


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REVIEW, GIVEAWAY & TOUR INFO – It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover



Atria Books Paperback | 384 pages | ISBN: 9781501110368 | August 2, 2016 | $16.00

eBook: 384 pages | ISBN: 9781501110375 | $7.99

See more HERE

The newest, highly anticipated novel from beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author, Colleen Hoover.

ALP Synopsis1

Sometimes it is the one who loves you who hurts you the most.

Lily hasn’t always had it easy, but that’s never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. She’s come a long way from the small town in Maine where she grew up—she graduated from college, moved to Boston, and started her own business. So when she feels a spark with a gorgeous neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid, everything in Lily’s life suddenly seems almost too good to be true.

Ryle is assertive, stubborn, maybe even a little arrogant. He’s also sensitive, brilliant, and has a total soft spot for Lily. And the way he looks in scrubs certainly doesn’t hurt. Lily can’t get him out of her head. But Ryle’s complete aversion to relationships is disturbing. Even as Lily finds herself becoming the exception to his “no dating” rule, she can’t help but wonder what made him that way in the first place.

As questions about her new relationship overwhelm her, so do thoughts of Atlas Corrigan—her first love and a link to the past she left behind. He was her kindred spirit, her protector. When Atlas suddenly reappears, everything Lily has built with Ryle is threatened.

With this bold and deeply personal novel, Colleen Hoover delivers a heart-wrenching story that breaks exciting new ground for her as a writer. Combining a captivating romance with a cast of all-too-human characters, It Ends With Us is an unforgettable tale of love that comes at the ultimate price.

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ALP PatriciaReview Owl

NOTE TO READER – I went into this book as blindly as possible and I am pleased to say it was absolutely worth it. I hope you will do the same for the sake of the Hoover experience. With that said, I will do my best to convey, sans spoilers, what I took away from It Ends with Us.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by what I believe to be one of Hoover’s most poignant books to date. This book is more than richly developed and unforgettable characters. It’s more than noteworthy quotes and witty humor. It’s more than heartbreaking drama and endearing romance. IT IS SO MUCH MORE!

I never imagined fictional characters would cause me to question what I know about myself. I never imagined a story would deliver such a profound message and leave such a lasting impression on me. Through Lily’s story, Hoover’s words resonated in the depths of my soul and left a lasting mark on my heart.

Who I am is the result of my upbringing and the influence of my parents, siblings, friends, religious beliefs and formal education. I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a friend – all roles that have shaped me. I am educated and somewhat seasoned at life but I’ve not generally considered myself naive. I thought I understood me well enough to know, without a doubt, what I would do or how I would behave when faced with certain situations in life. I believed I was prepared for and knew my own personal response to the one Lily faced.  But what I discovered is that I have been living in a bubble of beliefs that hold little to no water now that I experienced IEWU.


In the months since I finished this book, I’ve written and rewritten this review countless times. My heart has not forgotten the story and my inadequate words have frustrated me in my attempts to convey all the things I want to share without spoiling anything. Lily’s story showed me I am naive. But it also taught me about courage and compassion. It taught me about love and loss. It taught me about empowerment and sacrifice. I am grateful for the experience and my own personal takeaway. Thank you Colleen for sharing such an incredibly personal story with such a powerful message.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

*I was provided a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Slammed, This Girl, Point of Retreat, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Finding Cinderella, Maybe Someday, Ugly Love, Maybe Not, and Confess. She lives in Texas with her husband and their three boys. Please visit

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ARC Review – Broken Prince (The Royals #2) by Erin Watt


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These Royals will ruin you…

From wharf fights and school brawls to crumbling lives inside glittery mansions, one guy tries to save himself.

Reed Royal has it all—looks, status, money. The girls at his elite prep school line up to date him, the guys want to be him, but Reed never gave a damn about anyone but his family until Ella Harper walked into his life.

What started off as burning resentment and the need to make his father’s new ward suffer turned into something else entirely—keep Ella close. Keep Ella safe. But when one foolish mistake drives her out of Reed’s arms and brings chaos to the Royal household, Reed’s entire world begins to fall apart around him.

Ella doesn’t want him anymore. She says they’ll only destroy each other.

She might be right.

Secrets. Betrayal. Enemies. It’s like nothing Reed has ever dealt with before, and if he’s going to win back his princess, he’ll need to prove himself Royally worthy.

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For all the delicious wickedness, intensity and excitement that Paper Princess delivered, Broken Prince raised the bar to a whole new level. Betrayal and deceit continue to run rampant creating plenty of page turning drama to keep you hanging on every word.

The character development continued to blow my mind as new secrets and old wounds surfaced. The anticipation of not knowing what was coming next made for quite the angst filled read. There are characters I love, some I love even more, and a handful I hate with a passion.

Props to Ella on finally finding her backbone. Given her history of running from her problems, it was nice to see her stand up for herself. I knew she had it in her to kick some ass and I am excited for what is yet to come for her. She deserves to find peace and true happiness with all that she has endured in her young life.

I was angry with Reed going into the story after that jaw dropping ending in Paper Princess. No spoilers here but wait till you read what really went down!!! Beneath Reed’s tough exterior is a boy with a big heart and I was pleased to see more of the vulnerability he’s determined to hide.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing more from Gideon, Easton and the twins. They continue to intrigue me and I know there is so much more those Royals than meets the eye. While I have no idea what will happen in Twisted Palace, I assure you it won’t be enough to satisfy my curiosity about the Royal family.

I am not quite sure what to do with myself now. I am a bundle of nervous energy after that ending…WHOA! Watt has some big shoes to fill after this installment of the series and I can’t wait for the next book. I am definitely going to need a series re-read to give me my Royal fix in the meantime. I am proud to admit I have been Ruined!!!

Broken Prince is book two of a three book series by author Erin Watt, the brain child of authors Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick.

Overall Rating: 5+ Stars

* I was provided a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Erin Watt is the brainchild of two bestselling authors linked together through their love of great books and an addiction to writing. They share one creative imagination. Their greatest love (after their families and pets, of course)? Coming up with fun–and sometimes crazy–ideas. Their greatest fear? Breaking up.

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