Worship by Trilina Pucci ~ Sarah A’s Review

Book Two in A Sinful Series brings you an intense, taboo love story, and an even hotter ALPHA. Meet Luca King— broody, powerful and a man who’s never refused.

There are only two reasons a man falls to his knees: prayer and pussy.

And I sure as hell don’t pray.

But for this woman, I’d fall on my knees to worship every single, gorgeous part of her body.

And claim her as mine, knowing I shouldn’t want to keep her.

Because we’re all wrong, too complicated, too explosive….too sinful. I want what I can’t have.

But I’ll take it anyway because Gretchen Andrews has done the one thing my wife never could….she’s made me love her.


I found the dynamic between Gretchen and Luca fascinating in the first book in this series, Truth, so I was excited to get to read their story in Worship.  It was not quite what I expected, but also in a lot of ways exactly what I hoped for.  Their relationship was often difficult to understand, even while I could plainly see how much they both needed what they got from one another.

Cheating has never been a hard line for me, but in Worship, it was especially a non-issue.  The details of Luca’s relationship with his wife were complex and unsavory.  Gretchen’s inclination to refuse to have more than a friendship with Luca while he was still legally tied to another woman said a lot for the type of person she was.  Especially in light of the intense emotional connection, she shared with him.  I loved that they built their relationship as friends because I always find that type of mutually respectful relationship much more solid and lasting than those based purely on sexual attraction.

My heart hurt for Luca for most of the book.  He had placed himself in such a painful situation, and he didn’t seem to fathom how badly his intentions were hurting him.  I completely understood his compulsion for retribution, but I hated that he was suffering for it.  He needed the clarity only Gretchen could provide him to see what he was doing to himself, just as she needed his support to face the things she’d been avoiding under the guise of protecting herself.

I have a few wishes for Worship, the first being some minor editorial issues need to be addressed.  This book was better edited and had more coherent voices than its predecessor, but there were a handful of things that needed to be fixed.  I also felt like Gretchen’s ultimatum came out of nowhere.  At no time did she indicate that was anything that bothered her, and if she’d had such a problem with the issue at hand it would have come up long before that moment.  It just felt out of place and uncharacteristic for someone so outspoken to have not mentioned it before dropping that bomb on Luca.  There is also a little bit of a timeline issue.  After the prologue the book started six months ago, then a few weeks – maybe a month and a half pass – and when we get to the present only two more months have passed.  It just felt disjointed and careless not to address the actual length of time that had passed when it could have been an easy fix.

Worship is the second book in Trilina Pucci’s Sinful series.  These books are interconnected standalones and don’t need to be read in completion (though I think it’s worth it, just to get to know the ‘family’ relations).  Worship is written in dual first-person perspective, narrated by Gretchen and Luca.

Fiesty Drew Matthews is at the top of her career but when she meets a charming stranger, Nick, and finds herself embroiled in a relationship that’s chipping away pieces of her heart. Finding the strength to walk away has never felt so impossible until she walks into King’s hedonistic Church. 

Dominic King is a dominant alpha that knows what he wants when he sees it. What starts out as a one-night-stand becomes a desire to possess her whole. He knows the power she holds within and refuses to let her accept her own doubts. He’s met his queen and will stop at nothing to devour her body and keep her by his side… and in his bed. 

But when she walks away, after their one night–choosing herself over any man he swears to never forgive her but fate has a funny way of bringing people back together. She’ll break him down and he may forgive her but not before he makes her beg.

Walking away from Nick was easy, staying away from Dominic proves to be impossible.
Will their lust become the lie, so that love becomes their truth?

This fast-paced dark romance will hold you hostage and keep you spellbound as it explores the idea that a wrong choice can give way to taboo desires and be the catalyst in finding your soulmate.

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Trilina is an author, wife, and mama to three rowdy kiddos. When she isn’t making grilled cheese sandwiches, she can be found writing saucy novels that titillate and excite her readers.

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