NEW RELEASE!! Heart of the Devil by Meghan March ~ Sarah A’s Review

From New York Times bestselling author Meghan March comes the stunning conclusion to the Forge Trilogy. In this final volume, ruthless billionaire Jericho Forge faces his toughest challenge. To emerge victorious, he’ll have to give up the one thing he’s never offered a woman—his heart.

It started as a game. She was nothing but my pawn.

But I was quick to see the error in my ways, and now she is everything I never knew I needed.

The value of a woman like India Baptiste is beyond measure.

But the problem with being a man like me? I’ve already screwed this up, and there’s no guarantee India will take me on for one last bet.

I’ll do whatever I have to do. Drop to my knees and offer her the only thing I have left. The one thing that’s only ever been hers—the heart of the devil.

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I’ve been so invested in the Forge trilogy when this book hit my Kindle on release day; I devoured the entire thing before lunch.  It was a high-octane finish to an intense and tangled series.  Jericho and India both suffered greatly in this book and had myriad revelations to reconcile before they were able to find solid ground on which to rebuild their lives.

Heart of the Devil jumps right in where Luck of the Devil left off, while I’d remembered what had happened, I forgot the urgency of the situation and my heart was pounding by the end of the second page.  I could feel Indy’s panic as surely as it was my own.  Even while I was reading both perspectives and knew exactly what was going on, the starkness of her emotions overrode any security I had about Jericho throughout the entirety of the book

India and Jericho’s relationship was put to the test in Heart of the Devil, and it served to make both characters face the depths of their feelings.  I loved the vulnerability they finally showed one another, since they’d both shown themselves to be impenetrable to even those closest to them.  Each needed the strength of the other to finally release everything they’d pent up through their lives.  It was quite interesting to realize how shockingly similar, yet strikingly different their pasts were, it was quite the juxtaposition, and I loved every part of discovering what made Jericho and Indy who they were.

The action of Heart of the Devil was insane.  I was sure of the direction the book was headed and BAM! shocking reveal, time and again I was utterly taken aback by what seemed to be happening and what was actually happening.  The entire Forge trilogy was rife with red herrings, I finally quit speculating as to what was going to happen and just buckled myself in for the wild ride Ms. March took us on.

Heart of the Devil is the third and final book in Meghan March’s Forge trilogy.  This series is one story told in three volumes and must be read in its entirety.  Heart of the Devil is written in dual first-person perspective, narrated by India and Jericho.

“You can put that man in a suit, but he’ll never be tame.”

One look at Jericho Forge and I knew the rumors were true. He was a predator, and he had set his sights on me.

I knew better than to bet more than I could afford to lose that night. I knew better than to bet myself. But desperation leads to bad decisions, and I thought there was no way I could lose.

I was wrong. 

Now I have no choice but to make a deal with the devil.

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New York Times bestselling author Meghan March continues the story of ruthless, calculating billionaire Jericho Forge in Luck of the Devil. 

My poker face has always been one of my greatest assets, along with my grit and determination. I was beholden to no one. Asked permission for nothing.

Then Jericho Forge took my life by storm.

I traded my freedom for something infinitely more precious, but I didn’t realize he was holding an unbeatable hand.

Now, all I have to do is survive the high-stakes game that is my life—with my heart intact.

But not falling in love with Forge? That will take the luck of the devil. 

Luck of the Devil is the second book of the Forge Trilogy, and should be read following Deal with the Devil. The Forge Trilogy concludes in Heart of the Devil.

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Making the jump from corporate lawyer to romance author was a leap of faith that New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Meghan March will never regret. With over thirty titles published, she has sold millions of books in nearly a dozen languages to fellow romance-lovers around the world. A nomad at heart, she can currently be found in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, living her happily ever after with her real-life alpha hero.


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