NEW RELEASE!! With This Lie by Kat Savage ~ Sarah A’s Review

Dani Monroe is more than just another jaded woman. Her veins run deep with every reason to never fall in love. If her mother taught her anything, it was how easily a betrayal is earned. After a childhood spent learning that lesson, it’s the only truth she knows. Now, as a woman with needs, she strictly dates married men. She knows what she is getting with them—all of the fun and none of the feelings—and that’s how she likes it.

Lucas Kane has only ever been in love once. Disloyalty followed soon after and he wants no part of “a future” with anyone ever again. But having the same conversation with different women became redundant. So he slipped on a wedding ring, and soon realized there were many women out there very attracted to married men. Those same women asked no questions when it came time to say goodbye. So he carries on like this—faking a married life and fooling around.

A chance encounter brings the two together and while it sounds like a match made in heaven, both are leery, with cynical hearts. What happens when two people hell-bent on avoiding love find themselves falling? How many lies have they told? Will the truth set them free, or rip them apart?

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Kat Savage is a new to me author, one I decided to read at the suggestion of an author whose work is beautiful and emotionally exhausting – just like I like my books – so I assumed I was in good hands.  And I was.  With This Lie wasn’t a particularly long read, just over three hours, but it put me through the wringer in the best possible way.  I was immediately pulled into Dani’s story – and Lucas’ – and couldn’t bear to leave a single stone of their story together unturned.

The premise of With This Lie is not for everyone; in fact, it’s a hardline for tons of readers, but I’m sure that, if those taboo details of how Dani – and Lucas, to an extent – conducted their personal lives were overlooked and forgiven, the hurt, hope, and healing we find in this book would soften the hardest of hearts.  The idea of cheating may have been the instigation of Dani and Lucas’ relationship, but it was far from what was actually going on between them.  Their unusual circumstances gave them the safety and security they both required to explore their connection.

Most of With This Lie was bittersweet.  There was an air of melancholy throughout the novel, even in the happiest moments.  The inevitability of their situation colored each second of Dani and Lucas’ relationship.  Add to that Lucas’ secret and their pasts, and there was a pervasive darkness that permeated every page of With This Lie.  There was a richness in the word that made the storm clouds looming over Dani and Lucas feel palpable throughout each page of the book.

Kat Savage’s unique brand of storytelling combines some of her own truths with a little bit of fiction to connect to people in a very real way. She writes about ugly things authentically and shamelessly.

She recently combined her former self-published chapbooks into one collected volume of poetry titled This is How I Die and is currently working on her debut novel For Now.

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