Saving Noah by TK McKinney ~ Sarah A’s Review

Noah tries to do the right thing—protect the innocent and make the evil pay for their sins. But instead of saving the world, he loses himself. After testifying against one of the biggest crime bosses in the country, Noah’s fear of retribution leads to a serious case of agoraphobia. There isn’t much in Noah’s safe zone that calms his nerves… well, except for his short interactions with his surly but hot new neighbor.

Life crushed Dr. Zachary Meadows’s rose-colored glasses years ago. He makes amends for the deeds of others—and for his failure to protect those in need—by saving as many lives as he can as an ER physician. After early betrayals, he purposefully keeps his circle small. Until he meets his odd new neighbor and unwanted desires cause him to act like a jerk.
When two survivors collide—one desperate for love and one afraid of it—sparks fly. But just as Zachary and Noah begin to heal one another, the past returns…with a vengeance.

One. Two. I’ve decided to come for you. Three. Four. It won’t help Scaredy Cat to lock his door. Five. Six. You committed a sin you can’t fix. Seven. Eight. I’ve picked the date. Nine. Ten. No one will ever see you again.


I may have just found another must read M/M author to add to my list. Saving Noah was everything I love about M/M and romantic suspense. I loved the writing, the tone of the novel, and most of all the growth and healing arcs of the characters. Saving Noah is definitely one of the best M/M novels I’ve read this year.

While Zach and Noah’s acquaintanceship started out roughly, once they Zach gave Noah a second chance and got to know him rather than making assumptions about his life, their relationship was fantastic. I loved how effortlessly they fell into a place where neither of them could imagine the other not being in their lives and how fiercely they both were about protecting the other. Their relationship could have easily been lopsided, but somehow TS McKinney made their dynamic feel completely equal and supportive.

One of my favorite aspects of Saving Noah was the way TS McKinney touched on mental illness and how they refused to let even the character suffering from it make it a joke. I loved that Zach did everything in his power to get Noah proper care for his condition and was patient with Noah as he took the baby steps he needed to heal from the traumas of his past properly.

The plot of Saving Noah was riveting. From the antagonism between the characters in the beginning, through the navigation of their fledgling relationship and Noah’s condition in the middle, to the intrigue and fear of the final chapters, there was never a moment when I wasn’t fully engrossed with Zach and Noah’s story.

Saving Noah is the first book in an as yet untitled series by TS McKinney. This story was complete, as far as the couple concerned, so I imagine these books will be interconnected standalones, with an overarching storyline tying them all together. Saving Noah is written in third-person limited perspective, alternatively following Zach and Noah’s thoughts.

TS McKinney is a new to me author, I’d seen the name around but had no idea what they wrote. When a wonderful friend suggested this book to me, I jumped at the chance to find another author to love and I was not disappointed. TS enraptured me with their storytelling and writing, and I will be seeking out TS‘s backlist and looking forward to the work they publish in the future.

I have spent my entire life reading, reading, and reading some more! I love to get lost in the land of fantasy where I can be as naughty as I like without facing too many penalties! Earlier this year, I decided that maybe I should try writing my own naughty stories. That way I can do wickedly delightful things to my imaginary boyfriends without serving any serious jail time! My publishing company, Dark Hollows Press, has been awesome and most patient when dealing with their newbie.

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