End Game by Emily Goodwin ~ Sarah A’s Review

Getting pregnant was the last thing Quinn thought would happen. But now Quinn’s focus is to start the family Archer’s always wanted. The hard part should be over, right?


Ghosts from the past begin to surface. No matter how hard they try, the universe seems to have other plans that threaten to tear Archer and Quinn apart.

Archer will not let the one thing he always wanted slip through his fingers. As events unfold, Archer finds himself going to lengths he never thought possible. After all he’s done to keep Quinn…will he lose her anyway?

END GAME is book two in The Dawson Family Series and concludes Quinn and Archer epic love story.

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End Game was the perfect conclusion to Quinn and Archer’s love story. I loved them both from the moment I started reading Cheat Codes, and I fell more in love with them while I was reading this book. There was just enough angst to keep it intriguing but was primarily centered around Quinn and Archer building their relationship.

After getting to know Archer and Quinn in Cheat Codes, it was lovely to revisit them and see how they navigated the pitfalls of a long-distance relationship, familial issues, and everything that goes along with a new relationship and expecting a baby. I loved that they both were a little insecure about everything but wanted nothing more than for the other to have everything they needed to be happy. Archer and Quinn both struggled in a way that felt real, and they worked through things beautifully.

Perhaps the most poignant part of this book was the secondary storyline about Archer’s brother, Bobby. I’ve been on a kick of books about substance abuse in some way or another and, though his role was minimal in this book, Bobby’s struggles struck a chord with me. From the way his disease – and the choices surrounding that disease – affected his family, to the way he felt about Archer and his parents, to Archer’s reluctance to expect anything from Bobby. I desperately hope we eventually get his story, because I feel like it’s an important story to tell.

End Game is the second book in Emily Goodwin’s Dawson Family series and the conclusion to Quinn and Archer’s story arc. This book can not be read as a standalone; Cheat Codes must be read first, as it is the beginning of their love story. Subsequent books in this series will be about other members of the Dawson family. End Game is written in dual first-person perspective, narrated by Quinn and Archer.

Emily Goodwin writes a fabulous feel-good romance. I am just in love with her stories and how beautifully complementary she makes her characters. Her stories are sweet and relatable, while still maintaining the romance we all love to see.

Archer has always wanted what he can’t have—Quinn Dawson. Since the moment he saw her, he’s been denying his feelings for her, ignoring the void in his heart he knows only she can fill.

Everything about them was wrong, the kind of wrong that felt so right. But none of it mattered. Not the terrible timing. And definitely not the mess it would create if Archer made a move on his best friend’s baby sister.

It was supposed to be one night, but one night is all it takes to make everything more complicated, and they only have nine short months to sort it all out.

No, none of it mattered. Until it did.

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Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boy and happily ever afters.

She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.

Emily is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.

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