Saving Beck by Courtney Cole ~ Sarah A’s Review

Reminiscent of the beloved novels by Mary Kubica and Jodi Picoult comes a chilling portrayal of a son’s addiction and its harrowing effects on both him and his mother from New York Times bestselling author Courtney Cole. Get your copy TODAY!!

There comes a time when offering your life for your child’s doesn’t work, when you realize that it’ll never be enough. 

The cold needle in his warm vein was a welcome comfort to my son at first. But then it became the monster that kept us apart. 

Heroin lied, and my son believed. It took him to a world where the last year didn’t happen, to a place where his father was still alive. What Beck didn’t understand was that it couldn’t bring his father back from the dead. It couldn’t take away his pain, not permanently. 

You think it can’t happen to you, that your kids, your family, will never be in this situation. 
I thought that too. But you’re wrong. 

Step into our world, and see for yourself. 
Watch my golden boy become a slave to this raging epidemic. Watch me try and save him. 

Drug addiction comes with a price. 
Trust me, you’re not equipped to pay it. 

Don’t miss this heart wrenching, evocative, yet hopeful novel—it will leave you forever changed.

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Saving Beck is a poignant and powerful story of loss, grief, coping with addiction, and the dynamics of a family attempting to survive some of the worst experiences a human can experience. Courtney Cole takes her readers through the depths of hell while relaying this harrowing tale of addiction from both the side of a mother trying to save her son and the son falling into the abyss of the horrific disease.

Every moment of Saving Beck was gut-wrenching, both as we were looking at Beck through his mother’s eyes and while we were experiencing Beck’s descent into heroin addiction through his own thoughts. I felt as if I had personally experienced the both Natalie and Beck’s pain in excruciating relief. The raw emotions captured by Ms. Cole in this book were wholly captivating and accentuated by her personal experiences with her son’s addiction.

While Saving Beck is a fictional account of addiction, the very real threads of Ms. Cole’s story bled through the pages. There were moments when it was hard to keep reading because the horrors on the page felt too real, too terrifying to willingly face. But, I couldn’t stop it would have been a disservice to the author, her son, to families everywhere affected by addiction, and addicts themselves. The personal aspect of Saving Beck is what made it so painful to read and also what made it such a standout book amongst a sea of books written from research rather than experience.

The format of this book was fascinating. The back and forth between the past and present as Beck and Natalie were in the fight of his life and recounted the millions of little moments that led them to crash headlong into his mortality made the story a whirlwind of emotion and pain, as we experienced so many traumatic moments in such a short period. In the twenty-four hours the book covered, we lived through the most agonizing year of the Kingsley family’s life, and I felt every second of that year as if I’d been a part of it.

Courtney Cole has put her heart and soul down in ink and paper with Saving Beck. Though she has written several novels across different genres, this is her best work to date. She captured more grief, misery, and hope in these pages than I have felt reading in a long time. I am so thankful for her decision to convey this story and share her struggles with her son with the world, it can’t have been easy, but it was a story that needed to be told.

The hospital is a beacon of light and hope as we pull in. I barely remember to put my car in park before I jump out and I leave it in the middle of the lane, the tires wrenched haphazardly toward the curb.

“Ma’am, you can’t park there,” a guy in a security uniform says with his fake badge, but I don’t answer. I toss him my keys and push my way to the doors, and that’s when I see him.

My son.

They’ve pulled him out of the ambulance, and he’s so still, so white. He’s got the body of a man and the face of a boy, and he’s got vomit in his hair. One hand dangles over the edge of the gurney, orange flecks dripping from his fingers to the floor, but no one notices, no one cares.

“Beck,” I breathe, and he doesn’t open his eyes. “Beck,” I say louder, as loud as I can. His mouth is slack, but he’s not dead, he can’t be dead because someone is pumping his heart with her fist. She’s running next to the gurney, and she’s pounding on his heart, making it beat.

“Coming through,” she yells at the doors, and there is a team of people working on him. They’re frantic, and that’s not good.

I chase after them, through the emergency room, through the people, but someone grabs me at a giant set of double-doors, the gateway to the important rooms.

“You can’t go in there,” a nurse tells me.

“That’s my son,” I try to tell her, but she doesn’t care. “Beck,” I scream, and I try to see through the windows, but I can’t because he’s gone. “I love you, Beck. Stay here. Stay here.”

Courtney Cole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist who would eat mythology for breakfast if she could.

She has a degree in Business, but has since discovered that corporate America is not nearly as fun to live in as fictional worlds.

Courtney was born and raised in rural Kansas, but has since migrated south. She now lives in Florida and writes beneath palm trees.

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