NOW AVAILABLE!! Fix My Fall by Carey Heywood ~ Sarah A’s Review

Abby Thompson’s love life is a disaster. Everyone around her is blissfully falling in love, while she’s busy binge watching anime. The last thing she needs is a walking temptation, in the form of ex-nerd turned dreamy astrophysics professor, Spencer Hill, aka her new client.

It’s her job to find Spencer his dream home, NOT fantasize about a ride on his space rocket. But the sparks between them are impossible to ignore, and soon, Abby is wondering if her losing streak in love could be turning around.

Can she get over her anxiety he’s got her out-brained, and can he let go of the past and the fear that the girl he crushed on in high school is still out of his league?

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My quite fond of the Thompson family, they’re a good, fun break from my usual dense, heartrending reads.  I know when I start one of these books I’m going to get a few hours of sweet, enjoyable romance.  It’s like going home after a particularly arduous work week or even heading off for a day of pampering when you’ve been momming it 24/7 for months on end.  Carey Heywood’s Fix series is a safe, comforting place to return to.

Fix My Fall is the third book in Carey Heywood’s Fix series.  These books are interconnected stand-alones and can be read without any knowledge of the other books in the series.  However, the series revolves around a set of siblings, so you do see a lot of the characters from the previous books in Fix My Fall.  This book is written in dual first-person perspective, narrated by Abby & Spencer.

Abby was tough; she had to be with four brothers and her slightly overbearing – in the best way possible – parents. If she had been any weaker, she couldn’t have held her own with all those giant personalities and the Thompson family legacy.  I’d questioned her reticence to date in the other books, and the blurb of Fix My Fall made me think she had gone through something major, but it may have been the experience of my typical reads informing my expectations.  I do wish we would have found out more about why she was so reluctant to date, however.

Spencer was the sweetest.  I loved how gentle he was with Abby, even when she was more than capable than taking care of herself.  And the boy had a brain, which he actually used to navigate his relationship rather than just relying on instincts and poor advice from his friends.  I thought it was adorable – I know, no man likes to be called adorable under ANY circumstance – that he didn’t try to start anything with Abby until he was 100% sure she was ready for it.  He was really quite perfect in every way.

Fix My Fall covered quite an extended period, though there was big time jumps so it didn’t feel like we had to wait too long for things to happen.  I appreciated that Carey Heywood gave them that time to get to know one another well and build their relationship on something more than attraction and physical chemistry.  Their relationship and the way they dealt with the few snags they encountered felt real and solid.

Carey Heywood is my go-to for this kind of quick, sweet romance.  Her characters always feel like old friends and visiting them is comforting.  Her stories are heartwarming and relatable.  Her books aren’t difficult, thought-provoking, exposes, but they will always find a place on my reading line-up because they’re so enjoyable and humble.

Fix Her Up (The Fix Series #1)
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Fix Me Not (The Fix Series #2)
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, a mischievous black cat, and their nine-pound attack Yorkie.

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