Unintended by Georgia Cates ~ Sarah A’s Review

Captor becomes lover…

I’m a marksman. Mobster. Deadly assassin.
My job is to protect my brotherhood, but that isn’t my only responsibility.

I’m Kieran Hendry, the up-and-coming leader of The Order, and a new duty calls. I must take a wife.

A wife I don’t know.
A wife born into a position at the top of The Fellowship hierarchy.
A wife who will forge a strong alliance between her brotherhood and mine.
A wife I don’t want.

I knew next to nothing about Westlyn Breckenridge when I abducted her, but I quickly discover that she’s intelligent, strong, defiant, selfless. And beautiful.

One night with her is all it takes for me to see that she is no typical Mafia princess. I’m hopeful this arranged marriage won’t be the miserable union I imagined it to be. But convincing my intended to give us a chance won’t be easy when she sees me as the enemy. The brute who kidnapped her. The vile fiend who threatened to do as he wished with her body.

It’s true. I am all those things. I had cruel intentions. But everything has changed. My affection for her is unexpected. My love, unintended.

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I devoured the entire Sin series in three days.  I fell in love with the world, with the people, with the danger.  It’s a superb series, and I enjoyed every second I spent reading it.  Unintended is the fifth book in the series and can be read as a standalone, should you choose.  I highly suggest reading the entire series, however, as it will give you a better understanding of the world in which Westlyn and Kieran reside.

After reading Endurance and the first couple of chapters of Unintended, I was pretty sure Kieran would NEVER be able to win me over.  I was deeply mistaken.  The man was kind and caring and everything that Westlyn needed.  Kieran portrayed a hard exterior, but it was quickly apparent it was a persona he’d explicitly honed for dealing with situations that were outside of his own wants needs.  Underneath all that badassery, he was a loving, considerate person and it was that side of him had won both Westlyn and me over.

Westlyn surprised me in this book.  I had a precise idea of who she was, based on how the other people in her life saw her, but she was so much more than I expected.  She wasn’t the demure wallflower I had assumed.  She was strong, fiercely loyal, and fearless.  The girl rivaled some of the strongest female characters I’ve read, and I admired her for knowing her worth and never letting anyone give her any less than she deserved.  I found myself constantly in awe of how wonderful a person Westlyn was when she had such horrendous people for parents.

The circumstances under which Kieran and Westlyn started their relationship were far less than ideal, but I felt like the acute situation they found themselves in was paramount for them figuring out what they both wanted and, frankly, needed in their lives.  Watching what had happened between Westlyn and Kieran through other people eyes in Endurance was far different than what they were actually experiencing.  It was a very tricky thing Georgia Cates did in giving us that perspective of them before we knew anything that was truly going on with them.  I appreciated the misdirection and how it served to demonstrate that things are rarely what they appear to be from the outside.

The only wish I have for Unintended is that there would have been more.  There was a time lapse of a few months near the end of the book that I would have loved to have seen on page.  I feel like seeing how both Kieran and Westlyn recovered during that time would have been incredibly special.

Georgia Cates has crafted a fascinating and dynamic world in the Sin series.  I love the intricacies of Scottish mafia she has developed and how each brotherhood has its own traditions and practices.  There are several characters we’ve met already that I hope to hear more from; Leith and Lorna are at the top of that list, of course, but I’d also like to see Mitch and Shaw’s story, and I’m highly intrigued by the leaf Thane and Isobel seem to have turned in their relationship.  I’m sure I could continue reading new books in this series for a long time to come.

Kieran Hendry makes me feel like a woman. A desired woman. His words, the way he looks at me, his body language. Everything he does is a huge turn-on. Yet I hate this man. Loathe him. But damn, he has a way of touching me that makes me forget every logical thought in my head. It doesn’t make sense to me how I can despise him and at the same time respond so strongly to his touch.

It’s my body reacting to him, not my head. It must be hormones and sex drive. Those two things combined have the power to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do.

“You’re trembling.” He grazes the back of his fingers down my cheek and my stomach does some kind of flip. “Do I frighten you?”

I look away because I can’t tell him that it isn’t fear giving me the trembles.

He grasps my chin and forces me to look at him. “Do. I. Frighten. You?”


He rubs my bottom lip with his thumb. “Then what is it?”

I shake my head.

He leans in for another kiss but stops before his lips touch mine. We’re so close I can feel his breath on my mouth. Just like last night when my body turned to mush.

I’m quivering and my breath has become more rapid. I may even be a little lightheaded.

His bottom lip grazes mine, but he still doesn’t kiss me. “I’ll back off right now if it’s what you want.”

I don’t want him to back off. I also don’t want him to know that I don’t want him to back off. Feels too much like giving in to something I’m not supposed to crave.

“I’m going to kiss you.”

I’m his captive. We made an agreement. I must submit without a fight per our deal to maintain Ellison’s safety.

Yeah. Keep telling yourself that, Wes. Maybe if you say it enough, you’ll start to believe it

His fingers lace through my hair and he holds me prisoner when he lowers his mouth to mine. I open, giving his tongue an invitation to come inside. The two meet, and together they become erotic dance partners with Kieran taking the lead.

I’ve only had one very forgettable kiss in my life. But this kiss… I could live a million years and never forget it or the way I feel right now.

He stops, his lips hovering over mine. His breath warm against my skin. “More or stop? Your decision.”

He’s asking me to venture further with him. My body says yes, but my head tells me that one more step will take me to a place I shouldn’t go with this man. I’m twenty-three and being kissed for the second time in my life. I don’t want this to stop. “More.”


A Necessary Sin – The Sin Trilogy #1
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Endurance – A Sin Series Standalone
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Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before she decided to pursue her dream of becoming an author and hasn’t looked back yet.

When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing. When she’s being domestic, she’s listening to her music and visualizing scenes for her current work in progress. Every story coming from her always has a song to inspire it.

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