Blog Tour & Sarah A’s Review ~ Forbidden Dance by Deanna Roy

 Shy tender Livia has always been sheltered from the vulgar world of technology, television, and social media. At nineteen, she knows little of life beyond her immediate family, church, and the Dreamcatcher Dance Academy, where she studies ballet and assists a teacher with a group of spunky, beautiful dance students in wheelchairs.

Then comes Blitz Craven, the disgraced star of Dance Blitz, a bawdy, often-censored reality show where Blitz sleeps with as many dancers as possible under the guise of finding his perfect partner. His connections lead him to Livia, where the wheelchair ballerinas are his ticket back into the public’s good graces.

Blitz takes one look at the sweet talented Livia and he wants her. But Livia isn’t as naive as she seems, and her biggest, most tender secret is not going to be unraveled by a sexy muscled dancer who stands for everything she’s ever guarded herself against.

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Though I’ve been aware of Deanna Roy for some time, I had yet to actually read any of her work.  I will admit, after reading Forbidden Dance, that was a mistake.  I loved the writing in this book, maybe more so than I did the story, not that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the story she wrote, but it was the writing that drew me in.

Livia and Blitz’ story was quick, sweet, and altogether a lovely read.  It lacked a bit of the intensity I crave, likely because there is an entire back story we don’t really know about Livia, but there was enough intrigue to keep me invested in what was going to happen with their love story.  When the story first began they both seemed to be playing the part the people around them had written for them, but as the story progressed they found the strength in each other to shed those façades in favor of who they were beneath the surface.  In finding the strength to be themselves, they also found an unwavering happiness in each other’s arms.

I really wanted to rate this book higher and I almost did, but when I sat down and really considered how the book left me feeling and the fact that it was billed as part of a series of stand-alone, full-length, HEAs, I was left wanting.  There were too many things that weren’t wrapped up about how Livia ended up living like she did for me to feel like it was a stand-alone.  I hope that the next book, Wounded Dance, more thoroughly explores Livia’s past and answers a lot of those questions that I still have.


Each book is a standalone full-length HEA.

Wounded Dance (April 14, 2017)
Wicked Dance (April 28, 2017)
Tender Dance (May 12, 2017)
Final Dance (June 6, 2017)

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Deanna Roy is the six-time USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction.

She is a passionate advocate for women who have lost babies. She has several books on the subject, including her bestseller FOREVER INNOCENT, a romance about a couple whose baby is taken off life support at seven days old.

She has run the website PregnancyLoss.Info for fifteen years, including many large spin-off support groups both online and in person.

To learn about new releases, sign up for her subscriber list at She has regular giveaways in conjunction with major pregnancy loss events.

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