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highres_eoaMarlo … wild-eyed, untamed, and every single thing I’ve ever wanted from this life. I wasn’t ready for her back then. I was a stupid boy with adult feelings and no idea what to do with them. I squandered away every chance she gave me.

Yes, love like ours either burns white hot or crumbles under the pressure.

And now I’m back to sift through the rubble.

Questions and excuses are two things I have in spades. What I need now are answers.

Answers and Low.

Always Low.

My name is Ever Montgomery, and this is my story of love resurrected.

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I honestly don’t have the appropriate vocabulary to talk about this book.  And I can not talk about it without including its mate, Low Over High.  The two books are so seamlessly and fantastically entwined if I hadn’t just finished both I could not begin to tell you where one ended and the next began.  This duet also flows perfectly from the Over series, from which it is based.

God.  Marlo and Ever.  Each couple in this series had more than their fair share of hurdles to overcome but this couple.  These people.  They hit me hardest.  Their story was the one that I could relate to most readily.  Their pain was more familiar to me than the others was.  While I hadn’t been in all the places both of them had, there were traumas I had experienced and demons I have watched people close to me fight.  To witness two people, fight all those horrific things when they were so young tore my heart and soul to pieces.

I am in awe of how sublime the Marlo and Ever’s story was.  I was completely taken aback by the ways that Marlo grew and dealt with the injustices she had been dealt.  I was even more impressed by how awe-inspiring Ever’s journey through neglect, loss, drugs, and recovery was.  The anguish he had suffered at the hands of his parents, his ‘friend’, and himself could have easily been insurmountable but that marvelous, devastated boy managed to find the strength within him to overcome and soar to amazing heights.

As much as I loved the catharsis that was the reunion of Ever and Low, it was equally devastating.  There were moments I wanted to hate Marlo for the ways she tried to push and hurt Ever, since it was from a place of protecting herself it was hard.  Watching them both lay all of their scars out for one another, seeing them begin heal each other from those mortal wounds, I felt it all down in the deepest edges of my soul.  It was heart-wrenching and beautiful.

Until five days ago, JA DeRouen was completely new to me.  I’d never opened a single page of her books.  Now, I’ve read them all.  As soon as I figured out this duet was a continuation of her Over series I knew I had to read them first.  And good lord, am I glad I did.  This entire series was wonderful, the premise, the characters, all of it.  For me, the best part was seeing how greatly JA DeRouen had grown as an author.  From Hope Over Fear to Ever Over After there was an amazing amount of growth as an author.  While Hope was an amazing story and well told, it didn’t hold a candle to the story-telling that was in Ever.  I am so happy that I was able to see how she honed her skills and improved her craft in these books.  I can only hope that she continues to grow and evolve in the same way.  I will also wish and beg for her to continue writing in this world she’s created.  There are so many more stories I want to see, particularly Jeb’s, that guy needs a break.

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J.A. DeRouen lives in South Louisiana with her husband, son (aptly named “The Professor), and her furry friend, Scout. She holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and nursing.

When she’s not writing or inhaling romance novels by the stack, she works as a women’s health nurse. She’s been an avid reader and daydreamer since childhood, and she’s never stopped turning the page to get to the next happily ever after.

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