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Where Lightning StrikesDo you know what it feels like right before lightning strikes? How you can feel the current running through your veins? The trembles of warning that ripple through the air? It was a thrill Tamar King chased all her life until it became the very thing she had to escape.

For the last four years, Tamar King has hidden herself in an isolated world she created. She was safe. No one could touch her. Until Lyrik West walked through her door.

He’s the lead guitarist for Sunder and everything she can never have. The dark and beautiful rock star becomes everything she craves.

Lyrik’s life has been devoted to his band and that success has cost him. Bitter, hard, and filled with regret, he refuses to lose himself again, but from the moment he sees her, he wants one night with Tamar King.

The gorgeous bartender is more than he bargained for. Their attraction is consuming. Their desire overpowering. With one touch, they ignite.

But is it worth the cost of getting burned?

She’s a gorgeous nightmare and he’s a wicked dream…

WHERE LIGHTNING STRIKES, a Bleeding Stars Stand-Alone Novel

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Where Lightning Strikes is the stand-alone, third book in AL Jackson’s Bleeding Stars series.  It can be read without first reading Stone in the Sea and Drowning to Breathe, but there will be a few moments, ones involving other characters, from which the backstory will be missing.  If you want a full understanding of the group dynamics reading those books is a must.  Plus, it’s AL Jackson, you won’t be disappointed.

Lyrik and Tamar’s strained dynamic had piqued my interest in the first two books; I was sure there was a shared past keeping them tied in such a battle.  I was quite interested in finding out what could have possibly stirred such animosity and intensity between the two.  I was quite surprised to find that I was completely off course in all of my assumptions.  Pleasantly so, but taken aback, nonetheless.

Both Lyrik and Tamar were profoundly damaged.  Hearts broken beyond repair, souls crushed into oblivion, both hiding behind carefully constructed façades.  The pain they both wore as armor seemed to be calling for the other; only someone else with unbearable scars can understand what it is like to live with them.   I was undeniably moved to watch Tamar and Lyrik carefully traverse the minefield of the others pain.  Thoughtfully and meticulously doing whatever they could to relieve one another of the burden of their pasts; even when they were resistant to the help being given.

Where Lightning Strikes was a poignant story of redemption and rising above the chains of the past.  Letting each reader feel the weight of the choices made, right or wrong, and experience the hurt one small decision can bear across the landscape of the future.  It was also a window into how much one person can grow and change when they are faced with the person they are meant to be with.  I’m infatuated with Lyrik and Tamar’s story, with the nuances of their love, with the devastation they were able to rise above.

AL Jackson has long been one of the best wordsmiths I know, and she did not disappoint with this story.  Her ability to knock the breath straight out of my lungs is amazing.  It keeps me coming back, time and again, for that soul-deep hurt and healing I love to feel when I get lost in a book.

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My smile faded when I looked back again to where he lingered near the door. My head drifted to the side to take him in as his expression shifted through a thousand emotions.

Regret. Sorrow. Lust.

And a longing that nearly brought me to my knees.

Desire trembled through my body.

I wanted to crawl inside him.

To discover every secret.

Even though I got the crushing feeling knowing him would be the end of me.

Cautiously, he edged forward.




The air filled up with him. So thick I wasn’t sure I could breathe.

Gently he wound his fingers through my hair. Not so gently he tugged my head back and pinned me with that stare. Slowly he dipped down, my stomach in a thousand blissful knots as he left a dizzying trail of kisses down my neck.

Soft, silken lips.

Little flicks of tongue.

Tingles spread in a wildfire of sensation.

Then his voice was at my ear. Whispering belief. “Blue.”

Blue. Blue. Blue.

She was so scared and unsure and innocently brave. Because she wanted all the things I’d learned the hard way the world didn’t have to give. But she wanted me to fight for them anyway.

Callused fingertips trailed down my sides, and I trembled when they edged under the hem of my shirt. Skin to skin.

“Is this okay?” he asked, his voice like gravel.

My answer scraped from my throat. “Yes.”

Lyrik pulled my tee over my head, slow but sure.

A cool rush of air sent a rush of chills skating free across the flames. My chest heaved as Lyrik stared down at me in my jeans and bra. Eating me up with that irresistible intensity.

I knew my eyes were wild as I looked up at him. My pulse hammered and my spirit thrashed.

“Blue,” he murmured again as he went down onto his knees. He peeked up at me every few seconds as he worked the bandage free from my side. My belly shook as he peeled the bandage away and exposed the statement that had been etched into my side over my ribs, from my hip bone to just under my arm pit on the left side. And I knew the area needed to be cleaned. But somehow right then, I didn’t care.

I just wanted him to see.

The four simple letters were written in a big, scrolling font, and swirls and flowers extended from the first and last letters.


Lightly, he drummed his fingertips over the design, not quite touching the raw skin.

His unyielding gaze latched onto mine. “I think you already have.”

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary and new adult romance.

She first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student.  She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life.

Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends and, with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel. A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her husband and three children.

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