Blog Tour and Review-Elusive Love by K.A. Robinson




Love is often elusive, hard to find and even harder to hold on to.

Caley Rogers knew that from a young age.

When Joey Sanders walks into her life, she thinks she’s finally found the love she has so desperately been seeking.

Five years, a marriage, and a child later, Caley realizes her mistake. Trapped in a life with no love at all, she seeks out an old friend who quickly becomes her confidant.

Ethan Blake has loved Caley for years. When she reenters his life one random night, he never expects more than friendship, but after weeks of secret meetings and listening to Caley’s confessions of a loveless marriage, the unthinkable happens. Ethan and Caley finally share their true feelings for one another.

Now, they must face the consequences of their emotions–dealing with not only the uncertainty of their situation and Caley and Ethan’s guilt, but also with the end of Caley’s marriage to a man who isn’t ready to let go.

Love is more than just an emotion. It’s more than a single word. To Caley and Ethan, it’s everything.

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ALP SarahLReview Owl

I absolutely loved Elusive Love by K.A. Robinson. This book was a nice changed from what I have been reading lately. It is a standalone novel and a pretty short read but well written.

Caley Rogers has been married to a Joey for the last five years. She hasn’t been happy in her marriage for quite a long time but sticks with it because of her daughter. She has always had such a low self esteem and doesn’t think she is worthy of finding someone else.

One night after huge fight with Joey she messages an old friend from high school and they start talking online. She goes and meets up with him and old feelings come back and she isn’t sure how to feel about it. She isn’t happy in her marriage and thinks it’s best to stay together for the sake of their daughter but the more time she spends with Ethan she realizes that she may be in love with him. Will she stay with Joey or will she decide to leave him so she can move on and find her own happiness again?

Ethan Blake has liked Caley since he dated her friend in high school. Hewas devastated when Caley stopped talking to him and is quite surprised when he finally hears from her again. He becomes her go to person for support when she is struggling to keep her marriage together. The more time he spends with her the stronger his feeling for her get. Will he be able to convince her that she deserves to be happy?

I loved the connection between Ethan and Caley. I really enjoyed the emotional rollercoaster this book tooke me on. I would have liked a further look into the future of these two characters but overall I did enjoy the story. I can’t wait to see what K.A. is working on next!!





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