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Where most stories end, this one begins. Nina and Shane are already married and have a special needs baby. Life isn’t the fairy tale she imagined. Their happily ever after has never seemed so far away. Then one October, everything falls apart. Years of addiction result in Shane having a complete breakdown. Nina must decide whether to keep the family together, or keep Kylie safe.

The choice isn’t simple. The results are unexpected. The journey to happiness is long and difficult. See, the truth about love is that it’s messy, challenging, exhilarating, exhausting, and scary. Most of all, real love never ends.


Eilean Donan castle in the night, Scotland


Autumn glanced at me sideways. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m still hungry. Let’s go eat.”

I had to give her credit. She knew how to help me through a tough time. “Where to?”

In the end, we drove to a bar near the house. Though she claimed to be hungry, as soon as we made it past the bouncer, Autumn ordered a drink. Me, I ordered chicken wings. Before the food had even arrived, however, I grabbed her arm. Whirling to look at me, she asked, “What?”

My heart raced and the air was caught in my lungs. “He’s here.”

“Where?” She looked about the room. “Wait. How would you know? Your back has been to the door the entire time.”

Grabbing her upper arms, I smiled. “I can feel him.” It felt impossible to explain. All I knew was for as long as we’d been together, I could always sense his presence. I could pick him out of a crowd instantly. When he even turned onto our street, I’d know he was near. This time was no different. I moved, placing my back to the bar, and in half a second, I made eye contact with him. Though I wanted to rush to him, I waited. He’d have to make the move. He was the one who ended things.

Instead, a tall, built guy came over. “What’re you drinking? Next round’s on me.”

“Oh, I’m not drinking. I’m driving.” I pointed to the Coke on the counter.

He grinned. “Not anymore. So what’s your drink?” He looked me up and down. “Cosmo?” He guessed.

Laughing, I made a face. “Never.”

Suddenly, a hand snaked around my waist and drew me close. I didn’t have to look. I knew it was Shane even before he planted the kiss on my neck.

“Hey, babe.” He greeted me loudly. “Joel.” Shane nodded at the guy who had been trying to pick me up.

“You two know each other?” My brows quirked in surprise.

Joel tugged at his chin. “I was just thinking the same thing about the two of you.” He eyed Shane suspiciously. “Sorry, brother. I’ll see you later.”

Once he’d walked away, I waited for Shane to release me, but it never happened. Peeking up at him, I feared the look I’d see on his face. Sure enough, he was scowling. “What?” I grumbled. “I didn’t do anything.”

“You should’ve gone home.” He turned my body to face him then planted his hands on my hips.

“I was hungry,” I complained.

Leaning low, he spoke sternly. “You could eat at home.”

Angrily, I crossed my arms over my chest. “I shouldn’t have to. And, as I recall, you’re not the boss of me. We broke up, remember?” My chin jutted out in defiance.

Shane’s head tipped back and he let out a laugh. I softened some. When he looked at me again, his eyes sparkled. “Have you thought about tonight? Because I can’t stop thinking about it.” He wore a lopsided grin. “I can’t get away from you! When you’re around, I can’t stay away from you either.” He shook his head as if in disbelief. “You somehow made it to the station before I did, even on those little stumpy legs.” He loved teasing me about my diminutive height.

“I can be fast when I need to be.” I looked up at him shyly through my equally stumpy eyelashes.

Chuckling more, he continued. “At my house, I watched you pack, but I couldn’t let you go.”

My head tilted to the side in confusion. “What do you mean? I left.”

“Right. My head kept telling me to let you go, but my heart.” He laid a hand over his chest. “I ache without you, babe.” He bent his head and kissed me on the lips. This man who hated PDAs and for the longest time had refused to even hold my hand in public, was now kissing me for the entire bar to see. When he pulled back, I felt even more confused than before. “I told you it didn’t feel like the end.” He growled, obviously frustrate with the situation.

My hand wrapped around his neck. Gradually, I pulled him closer while a war waged inside him. As I hoped, we were soon kissing, our lips locked, the rest of the world melting away. The chicken wings were completely forgotten. What did I need food for, when being with this man filled my heart and fed my soul? As I pulled back, he whispered against my lips.

“This is so different from anything I’ve ever felt. You’re so different from anyone I’ve ever known. I…don’t get it.” His forehead pressed against mine, his eyes closed as though deep in thought.

“That’s because it’s real,” I explained, as if I had any experience in this realm. “True love never ends.”

His eyes shot open, a smile slowly spread across his face. “Then I guess I’d better keep you.”

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about emma nichols

What made her decide to be an erotica author?


How else was she going to parlay her two favorite past times into a career?

Emma is single and loving it. Like her first character, Alysin, Sin for short, she doesn’t believe in settling or in settling down. She loves to indulge in her passions whenever the mood strikes and enjoys keeping all of life’s cliché moments spicy.

Known for her sense of humor, Emma surrounds herself with friends whose antics often become the source of book fodder. Her ideal situation would be to explore the Caribbean while writing. She pursues that dream daily.


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