New Release and Review – Taking Connor by B.N. Toler


Taking Connor by B.N. Toler

Genre: Contemporary Stand Alone

Available Now!


There’s a stereotype for how a convicted felon appears to the public.

Connor Stevens fit that bill.

His reputation preceded him. With a hard body and vivid tattoos dispersed across his flesh, he certainly drew the judgmental eyes of conservative tight-asses. Even I had those same thoughts…regardless of how highly Blake spoke of him.

But those opinions were about to be challenged.

I’d promised to pick Connor up from prison—where he’d served eight years for manslaughter. When Blake passed away, I had every intention of honoring our agreement. Taking Connor home would be my ultimate show of gratitude. Blake never disclosed why Connor killed a man, and I never had the guts to ask. Ever daunted, and against my better judgment, I soon grew to feel close to Connor, in spite of how perverse it was. Still, I vowed to brush off those feelings at all costs.

At least I thought I would. Until all hell broke loose…

Diving head-first, I relished in the time spent in Connor’s damnation. But when he was thrust into hell, it didn’t matter how wrong it was to love him. It was immaterial what he’d done…or why. I came out swinging and clawing, and submerged into the inferno with him, refusing to leave until we both walked out hand in hand. My instinct was to fight.

Connor wouldn’t burn alone.

I would save him.

Or turn to ash right beside him.


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Whitney’s 4.5 Star Review

This is my second B.N. Toler novel and once I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read this book.  A bad boy with a heart of gold?  Sign me up!  Luckily, I was not disappointed and I was also shocked that the tears started falling early.  When the author draws me in right away with emotion, I always look forward to what is to come.


Demi’s husband, Blake, passed away a few years ago but not without making his wishes known.  He wanted Demi to pick up his cousin, Connor, when he was released from prison and look after him.  Despite Demi’s reservations (after all, Connor did kill someone), she finds right away there is much more to Connor than being a felon.  She feels safe with him and she trusts her husband would never put her in harm’s way.

Connor knows he isn’t right for Demi.  He has nothing but a prison record to his name but he is grateful for her attention and willingness to help him get reacquainted with the world.  He’s determined to fight the attraction he knows is mutual for her sake.

And of course the best laid plans always come unraveled.  There is some back and forth as Connor and Demi struggle with their feelings for each other but it’s nothing over the top.  It’s pretty obvious they belong together and they both see that as well.  There are other pieces of the story but I won’t spoil them for you.

The angst level is pretty high and there is some violence and sexual abuse mentioned.  The chemistry between the main characters is pretty hot and there are scenes that will steam you right up!  But overall, this is a sweet love story between a great heroine and a misunderstood man, both of whom would do anything to protect their families and each other.

The character development is good and I adored the main characters and the side characters as well.  I smell a spin off with Dusty which I’ll be happy to read.  The story flows well and I had no problem finishing this story in one sitting.  Definitely recommended!

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