Yay!  We are excited to share the beautiful cover of Cardinal by Sara Mack with you.  Cardinal is a spin-off of Sparrow (released last year) and now we’ll finally get to read Jen’s story.  This can be read as a stand alone as well.

Cardinal by Sara Mack

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance

Available October 6, 2015

Cardinal cover


Jen Elliott’s world is falling apart.


Her boyfriend is married (not to her), the restaurant she works for sells out to a chain (she’s unemployed), and her apartment building catches fire (thankfully, she didn’t start it). Faced with a job search and living with her parents, a phone call from her brother changes everything.


“Come out here, Little J. Escape for a while.”


Convinced to do just that, Jen finds herself on her brother’s doorstep in Chicago. Armed with her guitar and a bruised heart, she plans to work on her music and contemplate her future. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for the sexy, tattooed neighbor upstairs. From the moment Latson appears uninvited in her bedroom, the two can’t help but wage a battle of sarcasm and wit.


Until the attraction becomes impossible to ignore.


Hopeful the universe is finally playing fair, Jen gives in to her feelings. She should know, however, that when it rains, it pours. When offered the unexpected chance of a lifetime, she decides to pursue her passion. Unfortunately, her dreams are tied to Latson’s painful past. As time goes on and their distance grows, Jen fears fate conspired to bring them together only to tear them apart.


Cardinal is the story of losing everything you have to find everything you need.

Cardinal teaser 3


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Haven’t read Sparrow yet?

Sparrow is a sweet second chance romance from the male PCOV.  This is also a stand alone but you’ll get to meet Jen, who is the featured character for Cardinal.


Sparrow Synopsis:

When Kyle Dayton was seventeen, he lost his heart to Addison Parks.

It was easy to do. After spending countless summers of boredom with his grandmother at Buhl Lake, Kyle’s world turned upside down the minute Addison appeared. She was unlike any girl he had ever met; she was confident, out-going, and honest. She was beautiful inside and out, and she accepted Kyle for who he was ~ a young man without direction. They shared an amazing summer and, despite living miles apart, Kyle felt sure they had a future.

Until she vanished without a trace.

Where did she go? How could she disappear without saying a word? Was everything between them a lie? Unable to answer his own questions, Kyle had no choice other than to bury his memories and move on with his life. Eight years later, his hard work to forget is threatened when he is forced to return to Buhl Lake. Faced with reminders of Addison, Kyle wonders if he will ever discover the truth.

Little does he know it is about to be revealed.

Sparrow is the story of finding love, losing it, and the uncertain journey to reclaiming it again.

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About the Author:

Sara Mack pic

Sara Mack is a Michigan native who grew up with her nose in books. She is a wife and a hockey mom on top of being trapped in an office forty hours a week. Her spare time is spent one-clicking on Amazon and devouring books on her Kindle, cleaning up after her kids and two elderly cats, attempting to keep her flower garden alive, and, of course, writing. She has an unnatural affinity for dark chocolate, iced tea, and bacon.

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We have an ARC Kindle copy of Cardinal to give to a lucky winner.  If you haven’t read Sparrow yet, we will get you that book as well.  Must be able to provide Kindle email to author to receive ARC.  Winner must understand that ARC copies are copyrighted by law and it is illegal to share them with anyone.

To enter: Just comment on this post and tell us you want to win!


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