We are honored to being you the exclusive release day blitz of Lake Ephemeral by Anya Allyn!

An eerie, romantic mystery set in a forgotten valley of overgrown gardens and terrifying secrets.  Lake Ephemeral is an old-school mystery, drawing inspiration from the sci fi/horror movies and books of the 1950s and 60s. Presented in the tradition of serials such as The Secret Garden (initially published in serial format in 1910). Lake Ephemeral is a five-part serial.

Lake Ephemeral

 Cover Designed by Wesley Souza

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Seven manors surround Lake Ephemeral, and their residents are hiding terrifying secrets.

Eighteen-year-old Seraphin Ferron first arrived at Lake Ephemeral as an eleven-year-old orphan, to meet a mother she’d never known she had.

At first, the valley seemed a wild place of wonder and liberty. The five children who lived here were free to do as they pleased. Children with intense eyes and wild hearts, including the boy with the wildest heart of all—Kite.

But Seraphin soon discovers that the vast estate is plagued by an exotic, massive species of carnivorous plant—named the Coffin Flower, capable of consuming humans.

No one can answer Seraphin the riddle of why the residents stay at Lake Ephemeral year after year or why no one ever leaves. When she finds out the secret of the mysterious seventh manor, she knows it’s time to flee. But the lake is not prepared to give up one of its own so easily.

About the Author

Anya Allyn

Anya Allyn was born unexpectedly and without proper instructions.

A dreamy girl betwixt the clouds and space, she was given the thing she desired most for her tenth birthday–a microscope–and subsequently developed a penchant for small things: frogs and ants and microbes, and the earth (when viewed from other planets).

She considers a mind and body that do not roam free are the living dead.

Anya lives in a house by the sea–and slips in and out of forests and through a day, where the wild things are ….

She has four adventure-seeking boys and a bookcase filled with adventures.


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